Confession of a Photographer

Our Wedding 2001

Our Wedding 2001

I have a confession to make! I didn’t hire a professional photographer for my wedding. That’s right! One of the most important days of my life and all I have to show for it is a handful of happy snaps. It is one of my biggest regrets!

Years earlier at the ripe old age of 23 I married my first long term relationship. That time, I did hire a professional photographer. I have a beautiful album of photographs hidden away in my mother’s cupboard to a man I am no longer with. Back then it was all about getting married and I went all out! A few years later the relationship ended.

When I met Todd four years later the connection was instant. He was funny and genuine and we were perfect for each other. We balanced each other out. For the first time in my life there were no doubts. Now I knew what my aunty had meant when she said, when she met her husband, she realized why it had never worked with anyone else. We were madly, passionately in love, to the exclusion of everyone else. We were talking about having a family together within months of our first date and Todd proposed after a year.

This time I didn’t care if anyone else was there, I didn’t need a big wedding. I just wanted to BE married to the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We arranged to get married in the stunning gardens at Caves House in Yallingup with only our parents, Todd’s grandmother, my brother and his family. We finished off with a lovely lunch surrounded by the people who were closest to us.

At the time I was a hobby photographer. I had just won my first landscape photography competition. It was the days when film was king, just before digital cameras took off. I owned an SLR camera and thought I could just set the shots up and hand the camera to my family to take. The photos are adequate but there is nothing that really shows the love, happiness and connections of the day. Investing in a good wedding photographer is the one thing I wish I had done. We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this year and we have a beautiful 12-year-old daughter. I have nothing more of that day to show her other than a few snaps.

A good wedding Photographer will capture all of those beautiful moments for you. The love, laughter and tears. The hugs and kisses from those closest to you as they congratulate you on the day, that precious moment between father and daughter, the first kiss as husband and wife, those quirky funny moments that your photographer is ready for. It is the most important investment you will make on the day. Once the day is over you will have those photos for a lifetime.

So what can a good experienced photographer do that you or your friend with the good camera probably won’t.

·         An experienced photographer can anticipate those great natural interactions that happen throughout the day and they are waiting for them.

·         An experienced photographer knows how to make the best out of any lighting situation and can make the necessary adjustments to their camera in low light situations.

·         An experienced photographer has all the extra equipment needed to make beautiful images like a Speedlight, tripod, reflector etc...

·         An experienced photographer will know how to get you and your partner to relax and have fun with the photoshoot.

·         An experienced photographer knows how to pose you and the best angles that will make you look your absolute best.

No matter how simple you want to keep things make that one investment count. Make sure your photographer is on the same page as you and their style reflects what you want. You only get to record that day once!